Raising Our Voices: Writing Through Sexual Abuse

08/08/2018 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM CST



One in four women and one in six men will be sexually assaulted
in their lifetime. That means that chances are, either you or
someone you know has been abused. The amount of emotional
pressure and pain that sexual assault survivors endure can seem insurmountable. There are fear, anger, guilt, confusion and a host of other emotions growing inside of you causing you to feel like a balloon about to pop. In addition, many also lose our voice. Amid all of the other things trapped inside of you, there is also a story. A story that many haven’t been able to tell. If you are ready to set your story free in a supportive and safe environment this workshop may be for you.

This workshop, “Raising Our Voices: Writing Through Sexual
Abuse”(ROV) will show you how writing (even if no one else reads it) is a very accessible way to foster healing. “Raising Our Voices” is a one day, three-hour workshop for adults who are survivors of sexual assault. Learn how to use the art of journaling, poetry, and other writing techniques to not only promote healing but growth. Tell your story using your own voice.

Be prepared to interact with other survivors, participate in
engaging activities, and share some of your writing with the
group. Journals will be provided and pens and pencils in a
rainbow of colors will be available for during the workshop.


Cherlnell Lane is an author, poet, and teacher who has a different approach from your average Southside Chicagoan. She uses her words to create incredible worlds and stories that change the minds of those around her. Dealing with topics most people won’t dare mention. Cherlnell uses her life experiences; to reach people with her blog, inspire people with her written work, and teach people with her curriculum. Cherlnell came up with “Writing Through It Workshops” in September 2016, to help people deal, heal, and release or seal their emotions in a positive way while connecting with others. Her blog, “The Infinite Evolution of Life, Learning, and Love” a hub for poetry, blogs, rants, etc. where she "Bares her soul to heal yours." Cherlnell's first two books Confessions of the Other Woman (2013), a story is written in poetic form and Tales of an Undiscovered Writer (2014) [E-Book] a collection of poetry and short stories are available on Amazon. You can find out more information on her website www.cherlnell.com, her YouTube channel “Cherlnell” or by following her on social media @Cherlnell everywhere.

***Please be mindful that this is not a therapy group, although
there will be a trained "safe person" on site if needed***