Paper Making Workshop:

07/13/2019 10:00 AM - 07/14/2019 04:00 PM CST


This workshop will be organized, taught, curated, and moderated by Raeleen Kao and Margaret Sheppard will focus on healing for survivors and raising public awareness and prevention of sexual violence in the community.  In collaboration with Underpaper, Underpaper, a hand papermaking workshop owned and operated by Margaret Sheppard which focuses on issues of sexual violence, and Awakenings, these workshops will result in an exhibition which will be used to facilitate additional discussions on healing and awareness. Participants will be able to choose whether or not they want their work to be displayed in this exhibition. 

This workshop will be offered on two days. These sessions will feature small class sizes in order to guarantee privacy and a comfortable environment for survivors. These workshops will be July 13th & July 14th from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm at Awakenings. Participants are encouraged to arrive on time for the workshops, to learn about the papermaking process and receive instructions. 

The papermaking process will have participants bring undergarments or other personal articles of clothing and add these items to the Hollander paper beater, which will break down the items into a paper pulp.  Each participant will be given  instruction  on how to pull individual sheets of paper. The quantity of paper pulled by each individual can range from a couple sheets to over twenty in one session, depending on the comfort level of the participant.  Communal materials will be available for individuals wishing to participate in process but do not wish to provide their own items of clothing. 

The actions of physically breaking down and transforming unwanted materials, and then reclaiming the new product by stamping and marking it with their own generated imagery aims to build strength in survivors.  Participants will be able to keep their finished prints and paper products. Advocates who have completed 40-hour crisis training will be on site at each workshop.

In October, Awakenings will host a public exhibition of the works created, which will run through January 2020.